Consultation Packages

Videos by:

Dr Thomas Lodi


Dr. Lodi is a certified medical doctor and expert in integrative oncology. He has dedicated his life to sharing the truth about cancer as a metabolic disease and researching the latest and most effective non-toxic treatments and therapies.

Video Duration: 3 Hours

Tenzin Josh

Mental Wellbeing and Emotional Healing

 Mental wellbeing, meditation and emotional counselling expert with  over 35 years experience including 15 years as a monk in the monastery of HH Dalai Lama.

Video Duration: ~1 Hour

Darren Scherbain

Kinesiology & Functional Movement

 Darren graduated from the University of Winnipeg with a degree in kinesiology and exercise science. For 20+ years Darren has been helping patients and clients functionally move.

Video Duration: ~1 Hour


How long is a consultation?

Each consultation with Dr Lodi is 1 hour long. Be sure to fully prepare for your consult by collecting as much information as possible before hand. Read the FAQ item labelled ‘What do I need to do before the consultation’ for more information.

How much is a consultation?

A 1 hour consultation with Dr Lodi is $500, and includes a recorded video and audio of your consultation.

What other options are there?

In addition to the 1-hour consultation with Dr Lodi, there is a $750 option which includes a video series on how to change your lifestyle immediately.

What do I need to do before the consultation?

In order for Dr Lodi to accurately assess your current state of health, it is imperative that you provide the following information in your booking:

  • Relevant scans
  • Biopsy Results
  • Blood Tests
  • Pathology Reports etc.

If you’re not sure what else to submit, contact for more information.