Defeating Cancer Through Veganism

Defeating cancer through veganism is possible and one iron clad way to make sure it stays gone.

‘It is not difficult getting rid of cancer. The challenge is keeping it gone.’

If you are familiar with Dr. Lodi’s work, you often hear him say the above statement. And he is right. We have been made to believe that diseases are some kind of foreign invasions in our bodies and need to be treated by the use of other foreign products, such as medicine. The medicine is our food, whole foods including fruits and vegetables that can defeat cancer through veganism.

defeating cancer through veganism

The truth is, our bodies are always engaging in self healing. When we live within the parameters established by nature, the body stays healthy. However, since our lifestyles have deviated way beyond what nature had intended, we have been getting sick.

Dr. Lodi suggests a diet that is dairy free, meat free and one that is full of phytonutrients – a raw vegan diet.

Dr. Lodi spoke in China and India, and drew a large audience in 5 cities, that were interested to hear his philosophy and methods of treating cancer.

You can read the article published in India: Defeating Cancer Through Veganism


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