The New Dietary Guidelines

I read this article (click here) about the new dietary guidelines set forth by the government.

History teaches that the vast majority of human endeavor has been motivated by greed (born of vanity) and that unmitigated self interest allows human beings to subject their brethren to unimaginable pain and suffering if it furthers their personal agenda. new dietary guidelines

It took many billions of dollars and over 30 years to subdue the lobbyists and expose the insanity of the prejudices perpetrated by the tobacco industry and, unfortunately, the “eating of animal flesh” is only now beginning to to be seen as worthy of public debate. The principal public health focus of today is firearms and, with regards to food, it is ‘processed foods’ that are coming under scrutiny; animal flesh is being cleverly and most assuredly sidelined in these new dietary guidelines.
The truth be known, the consumption of animal flesh has produced more pain and suffering in human beings than all wars and “diseases” combined.
This statement will be seen by most as not even worthy of the slightest consideration due to deeply held prejudices that compose many foundational elements of our collective psyche.
Not only has the debate been sidelined, but it has been skewed so that the new “wisdom” that could possibly emerge would proclaim something like this: “Processed cigarettes might not be as healthy as we thought, but the smoking of unprocessed tobacco should not even be questioned.”

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